1. 24 X 7 Service: Telephone support

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  2. Cross Verification of all the invoices

    to make margin of errors negligible

  3. More time for Operations Manager to work

    on core operation issues rather than on Port DA


"Make your processes Transparent, Quicker, Cost Efficient"

Disbursement Accounting

Port Disbursement Accounting is a ...

Port DA & Estimate

Port Globe provide an exclusive Port agency...

Vendor Appointment

To get a more comprehensive cost idea for any…

Offshoring Service

We work in tandem with our client to reduce…


To work with shipping companies in managing their port costs in a smarter manner, aligning systems, workflow and data integration to save time and cost.

We dedicated to help shipping companies manage their Port cost data by simplifying the Disbursement Accounting process and use digitalized data which can be fed into various systems for better cost analysis and discussions with all stakeholders to improve efficiency and ensure better utility of every port dollar spend


We conduct a manual screening of all customers, agents, vessels, and transactions to safeguard the business interest of our clients.

We ensure that our client pays only to legitimate suppliers through a background verification check with our relationship manager. Documents certifying the correctness and authenticity of bank accounts are scanned with agency details for the users to see any time they want to do so.

Each bank account addition goes through a two – tier vetting and approval process before being entered in the database There will be mandatory verification of bank accounts before adding them into the database. We are in process to provide PortGlobe Payable where we client can pay to agent via PortGlobe payable for smoother transaction and we ll maintain Cash management accounting for our customer.

  • Easy to operate Software
  • Easy to transfer ship’s command from one operator to another
  • Principal can off load tiresome task for handling multiple invoice/accounting in DA processes and many single invoice for suppliers.
  • Easier for Operator to receive and compare multiple quotations and confirm the appointment
  • Time efficient, Cost efficient and Accurate
  • Agency appointment, PDA verification, FDA cross checking, FDA approval, Multiple invoice approval becomes through our proprietary single platform software

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