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PortGlobe has been conceptualized by a group of young professionals from Shipping,
Outsourcing, IT and Management field to provide Clients from shipping Industry.

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PortGlobe has been conceptualized by a group of young professionals from Shipping, Outsourcing, IT and Management field to provide Clients from shipping Industry, a comprehensive solution for all port related expense management. Now, when global shipping market is facing slow down, many owner and charters are in tremendous pressure to manage port expenditure process as downturn cuts margin to the bone. At PortGlobe port disbursement account process appears relatively simple. The owner appoints an agent at his ship’s next port of call, the agent receives a pro forma and makes an advance payment; then the agent receives a final DA for settlement and forwards a bill for all costs to owners and charterers ; the bills are all paid, the documentation is signed and archived.

Yet this process involves dozens of people in chartering, operations and accounting departments. There are thousands of agents and suppliers, each of which has its own pricing model depending on elements such as the cargo to be handled,the vessel’s requirements and the logistics within the port area. Further more, the handling of invoices and payments, cut across time zone, cultures, languages and currencies.

The process is time consuming and paper ensive when there Is tremendous financial pressure for all the companies involved. With margins so thin, the need to control costs and working capital has become critical. This has made the disbursement account process aheadache for dedicated in house team, which is itself under pressure on cost. That’s why service offered by independent specialists is more valuable. Driven by this idea, They founded PortGlobe, a single platform to handle all port disbursement accounting under port cost management service with no financial connection to any port agency or vessel operator. Its continuously effort to provide complete solution to cater operational efficiency, cost saving, cost reduction, invoice accuracy, time efficiency, business intelligency and better understanding of various compliance . In general , Operations Manager spend approximate 20% of their time in cumbersome process of paper work related to DA Compliance and Accounting. The cost of non-compliance is 250% more than cost of compliance and with ever changing Legal, Financial, Transaction, Regulatory and Operational Compliance, it gets almost next to impossible for already over burdened Operations Manager to pay requisite attention to this aspect.

At Port Globe, each of our customers works with a dedicated Port Globe Manager available to them 24/7 as single point of contact. We are dedicated to meet the needs of specific shipping sectors , different principals, individual companies and customize the product as per their requirement.

The Outsourced processes are executed in a professional manner and ensure
  • Cost efficiency
  • On time saving, and
  • Transparency
We work closely with our clients to:
  • Optimize all costs related to agency appointment and associated services and thus help improve profitability
  • Reducing Operational Cost by over 15 % by reducing manpower, saving time and cost to cater to business uncertainties
  • 24X7 services at a marginal cost
  • dedicated manpower
  • Customize web based support

Mission Vision

To work with shipping companies in managing their port costs in a smarter manner, aligning systems, workflow and data integration to save time and cost.

We dedicated to help shipping companies manage their Port cost data by simplifying the Disbursement Accounting process and use digitalized data which can be fed into various systems for better cost analysis and discussions with all stakeholders to improve efficiency and ensure better utility of every port dollar spend.

Transparency, Time efficiency, Cost efficiency

About Company

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