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Disbursement Accounting

Operations Manager spend approximate 20% of their time in cumbersome process of paper work related to DA Compliances and Accounting. The cost of non-compliances is 250% more than cost of compliances and with ever changing Legal, Financial, Transactional, Regulatory and Operational Compliances, it gets almost next to impossible for already over burdened Operations Manager to pay requisite attention to this aspect.

At Port Globe, each of our customers works with a dedicated Port Globe Manager available to them 24/7 as single point of contact. We are dedicated to meet the needs of specific shipping sectors , different principals, individual companies and customize the product as per their requirement.

Disbursement Accounting involves following Services:

  1. Cross Checking Port DA with current Port Tariff
  2. Checking of all the current fees and regulations of concerned Port
  3. Agency Appointment through one click
  4. 5- Collecting & Reconciling final invoices
  5. Cross Verification of FDA with PDA submitted
  6. Final Accounting

We have taken extra efforts to provide customized solution to each client depending upon their unique requirements.

  1. Crude and Product Tankers - Crude and Product Tanker Operators have regular Charterers, standard ports and mostly fixed costs. Our expertise lies in assisting them with issues like the correct allocation of Charterers and owner costs as per port- tariff , automated agency appointment, follow-up and reporting of re-billable expenses subject to time bar & accurate re-billing.
  2. Dry Bulk & Container – Port Globe customizes DA solutions for dry bulk and container operators and assist our clients to resolve major issues like reducing over port estimation of cost, over advancing to Agent ,managing exchange rates and cross checking cleaning chemical supply through agent.
  3. Project and General Cargo – Port Globe, with its qualified team of experts having experience in understanding and accounting of Stevedoring Costs, various supply cost, provides a valuable cost analysis to the operator to ensure no wrong payment is made.
  4. . Chemical and Gas – Chemical, Gas & Tugs have fix port of call. Port Globe assists the operators with automated agency appointments, call estimates and monitoring cash flows in relation to port payments.

Port DA & Estimate

Port Globe provide an exclusive Port agency appointment process that facilitate port call cost estimate which help trader to conclude the fixture, agency appointment, multiple vendor appointment and bunker appointment. Once agency port call and estimate created by user , PortGlobe expert team directly get involve with agent for port information and Performa DA taking care of whole accounting procedure which start from receiving Proforma DA to closures of Port DA. Similarly, it also provide same platform to handle many single invoice under bunker appointment and vendor appointment procedure. The Port-DA web model is based on the anonymous sharing of costs and allows you to compare your costs and benchmark it for next fixture or for agency appointment.

Vendor Appointment

Port Globe automate and manage the thousands of single balanced invoices which is not traditionally considered part of a DA with our Vendor Appointment & Cost Management system. We handle transactions from various fields such as Bunker Quantity surveyors, Cargo Surveyor , Various P&I Surveyor, offshore security services, vessel suppliers, mooring companies, and transiting passage pilots. Vessel Operator can systematically offload these cumbersome task to Port-Globe through the simple issuance of a Service Request, leaving them more time for other essential tasks. Customers who use our Port Globe Disbursement Accounting service can avail our other services like Vendor Appointment & Bunker/Towage Contracts and offload all Port accounting work to Port Globe.

Offshoring Service

Port Globe has worked with client across the globe to manage their business process from offshore and providing them huge benefits such as:

  1. Increasing Revenue by helping them to acquire more clients online
  2. Reducing Operational Cost by over 60% by reducing/eliminating manpower cost to cater to fluctuations in business
  3. 24X7 services for 365 days at marginal incremental cost
  4. Getting dedicated manpower resource for as low as $5 per hour

Our range of services includes:

  • Accounts &apm; Invoicing
  • Online Marketing
  • Admin Support

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